Spotify Premium Code Generator

Spotify code generatorSpotify maybe is not as popular as iTunes since Spotify is not available in a lot of countries like iTunes is. However I can say that Spotify can be a good alternative for iTunes in providing literally unlimited music and songs to the members. With Spotify premium account you are able to enjoy millions of songs be it from streaming or download it. Unfortunately, the premium membership doesn’t come for free. You have to pay for the premium membership to be able to enjoy Spotify to its full capacity. But you don’t need to worry, our Spotify premium code generator will let you have premium account on Spotify without spending money at all.

Our Spotify premium generator tool is developed to let anyone ‘try’ the premium account on this music service without paying a dime. This generator will give premium code for Spotify that can be redeemed on any account and enjoy all the benefits every premium member can have. You can, of course, keep using this code generator tool however we really suggest you to support this great service by buying their premium account.

Watch the video below to see this Spotify Premium Code Generator works

Spotify Premium Code Generator | Get Free… by dm_51a0f8dbea6b5

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Our Spotify premium code generator will provide different unique code with different value on it on each run. You may get a code with 1 month or 3 months, or 6 months or 1 year worth premium membership. We developed this Spotify code generator in that random way to make this tool can’t be detected easily by the provider. It will also make your account is safe from any suspicious activity detection since you are going to get and use different type and value of code on every redeem.

This Spotify premium code generator, as the name implies, will only generate premium code. It is not account based. It means you can redeem the code to any account you want. You are able to give the code to your friends or anyone you want, and let them redeem that Spotify premium code on their own account and enjoy the premium membership on Spotify with its full capabilities. Let’s just say, you send the code as a gift to your friend on her birthday, cool, right?

Beside the ‘random feature’ stated above which is designed to make the Spotify premium generator as well as your account safe, this Spotify generator application is also equipped with anonymous proxy support to cover your internet connection to make this tool is even harder to detect. This feature is not mandatory, you can run it without proxy especially if you’re on a slow internet connection. However, we really suggest you to use this anonymous proxy feature.

As stated before, our Spotify premium code generator is not account based as it only generates free Spotify premium code. There is no connection between the tool and the generated code to any account. So you don’t need to provide your Spotify login or password details to use this tool. It means you will not need to worry about losing your account or getting your account stolen due to the use of this Spotify code generator application.

This Spotify generator is also tested and verified as clean from virus or any other dangerous files. You can check the proof from the Virus Total proof link provided before you download this Spotify code generator. You also don’t need to install this application, you can simply run it directly after you download it. This Spotify keygen is running smoothly on Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, and Windows Vista.

Grab your Spotify premium code generator copy now and enjoy full premium membership on Spotify.

PSN Code Generator

PSN Code Generator – PSN Card Generator

First of all, let’s watch this video to give you a proof that this PSN Code Generator works.

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Hello fellow avid gamers,

As you are here, I’m sure you have been looking for a real and working PSN Code generator tool that really deliver what it promises, giving you PSN Code you can redeem on your account. And your endless journey of searching has just been ended. As you can sepsn code generatore on the video proof above, you have finally found a working PSN code generator 2013.

This PSN card generator application actually has been developed and released since more then a year ago to a very limited gamers and coders community to make sure that the software is working, safe, no bugs, undetected, and more importantly we can keep it works no matter what kind of security updates released by the developer, before we release it to the public.

This PSN generator application will generate random unique code with random amount of funds can be redeemed on it on each run. We decided to choose random since it will make this PSN code generator works faster since it doesn’t have to choose the exact code with exact amount of funds as requested. It also make this PSN card generator ‘fly under the radar’ since using random output it won’t leave obvious footprints. This way, your PSN account is also safe since you will most likely get different amount of funds on every redeem.

This PSN code generator is developed with average people in mind so we tried our best to make sure this application is very easy to use. We believe that even the most inexperienced people can use this psn code generator 2013 tool. We removed several not really important buttons and features and hide them under the background. No more fancy GUI and complex process is shown to the users, just simple mouse clicks and users will get their PSN code to redeem.

This is why users will not see any multiple choices like regions, countries, currencies options, and the likes. We hide those things on the background to make sure every users of this PSN generator tool can use it.

And don’t worry, while you don’t see those options, you can assure that the code you get will work for you, regardless of where you live and what currency you use. If your country is listed on the PSN supported country list, you will be okay. This PSN code generator 2013 tool has been tested and used by hundreds of people from more than 80 countries, and so far no fail code reported.

Download PSN code generator from the download link above. Stop spending money and start enjoy the games you like!

Paypal Money Adder

Paypal Money Adder – Paypal Money Hack Tool
paypal money adderSince you are on this page, I believe you’re looking for a way to get paypal cash you can use to buy stuffs you want or just redeem the funds to your bank account. And I should say, congrats for finding this page. Your search for a working Paypal hack tool has just ended. Let me introduce you to Paypal Money Adder Version… I don’t know, I can’t remember it… I lose count on the version part since this tool is updated almost every week. And I’m sure it’s not really important for you too. But I believe you will be interested to know what this Paypal money hack tool can do, right?

OK, let’s just cut the BS and watch this video to show you how I add money to my Paypal account.

download paypal hack
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This paypal money adder application works by exploiting the “Donation” feature on paypal. This tool will not steal anyone money but directly take money from paypal cash data pool, which basically contains no real money, just numbers. No one will lose any money but the greedy 800 pounds gorilla called paypal itself.

This tool uses a secret loophole on Paypal data server, which is related to their Donation feature. Since this paypal money adder software exploits the Donation feature, you will receive the exact amount of money with no fees included. You can call it as WYSIWYG, but in this case: What You Send is What You Get!

How about tax? I don’t know, since different country will have different rules on Donation things. But here I don’t have to pay any taxes for Donation and Gift. But I believe you don’t need to worry about it, it’s still money after all, right?

This paypal Money Adder application doesn’t require you to login to your account, so you will not need to worry about losing your account or funds. This Paypal money hack tool only needs the Paypal ID where you want the money sent to. Let me show you a picture of other paypal hack tool for example.

paypal hack

Have you ever seen this type of fake tool? As you can see, the tool will ask you to login to your paypal account directly from the tool itself. Let me ask you this, if you send money to someones paypal, do you need his/her password? NO. Then why such tool ask you to login? Because it’s fake with the only purpose is to steal your account. If you download such fake paypal hack tool, delete it from your hard drive right away!

And since the money comes from Paypal cash pool, and not from someones Paypal account, you will not see any ‘Transaction Details”.  If you need that details, I’m sorry, but I or this tool can’t provide that since there’s no details available on the data server, it just contains numbers. And I believe you don’t need that kind of details as well, we are more interested to the cash not the details, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Download Paypal Money Adder from the download button above, and enjoy cash on your Paypal account. Please don’t be greedy, though.

Minecraft Premium Account Generator

Minecraft Premium Account Generator – Get Minecraft Premium Account At Zero Cost

minecraft premium account generatorAs you are here visiting this page, I believe you already know what is Minecraft so I won’t bore you with what Minecraft is. I also believe you know what is Minecraft Premium account is, or else you won’t be here, right? Also, I know you are here since you’re looking to find a way to get no cost Minecraft premium account so you can play the game with all the full features it has.

And you are on the right time and place, since you will be able to get costless Minecraft premium account with our latest version of Minecraft Premium Account Generator tool.

What is Minecraft Premium Account Generator? How can it help you? How does it works? OK, let’s just play the video below and see yourself how this Minecraft premium generator does its magic works.

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No Virus Proof

How Does Minecraft Account Generator Works?
This Minecraft account generator works by exploiting secret security loopholes founded by our team last year that allow us to put secret scripts that will enable us to harvest ready made premium accounts stored on their data server. Using this Minecraft premium account generator you basically will have a ready made account which has been verified as Premium and you an use this account right away.
minecraft account generator

Is It Safe to Use?
First of all, make sure you check the No Virus Proof link above before you download this Minecraft account generator application. It will show you that this application has no virus, however scanning the file after you download it with your own anti virus application is always a good practice.

Second, as you can see from the video above, this Minecraft premium account generator doesn’t asks you any information about you or your previous Minecraft account, not even your email address. So there will be no connection between you, this Minecraft generator, and the premium account you will get and use later. You’re totally anonymous here, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Third, to add the anonymity part above, this Minecraft account generator also implement additional anonymity purpose by adding anonymous proxy support to cover your internet connection so there will be no traces can be tracked. You can see how this proxy thing works from the video above. Just follow the steps on the video and you will be fine.

Can This Premium Account Get Banned Later?
In simple words, yes, it could be banned in the future. Even if you buy the premium account yourself, there is always a chance of getting banned and losing your account. There is no report of banned account so far, but I will be lying to you if I said there is no ban risk in the future, cause it can happen even to any legit premium account. But if it happen, I guarantee you that this is not due to this Minecraft account generator tool.

What Should I Do If My Account Get Banned, Then?
While I really doubt it will happen, the answer is simple: generate a new one. You have this Minecraft premium account generator on your hand, so you literally have an access to unlimited Minecraft premium accounts without spending money.

Can I Give The Account to My Friends?
Yes, you can. You can give the premium accounts you get to anyone you want. Let’s just say, as a unique and cool gift for them. But maybe it’s better for them if you just pass this website address altogether.

Riot Points Generator

Free Riot Points – Get Riot Points Code At No Cost

riot points generatorSo you are a League of Legends player, love the game so much and would like to be able to get those extra expansion packs, skin, custom options, and other cool things? Yeah, me too. But the idea of spending my hard earned money to buy those virtual things… hmm.. I think have better things to buy. Do you feel the same? Want to get the full of League of Legends game but don’t want to spend money for those virtual items?

Don’t worry, your answer is here. Introducing our latest working Riot Points Generator. This generator will create riot points code you can redeem on your LoL account and use the funds to buy all those game stuffs. But instead of talking lots of words about this Riot Point Generator tool, let’s just watch this video to see how this League of legends hack tool does it magic.


download riot points generatorRegular Download Link

This Riot Points Code Generator is really easy to use. Just download the tool from the download link above, extract, and run the tool. This League of Legends hack application will generate unique code you need to redeem on your account so you can use the riot points to buy anything you want.

The Riot Point generator generates random code with random amount of points in it. It makes this hack tool is safe for your account since there’s no obvious footprints given the fact that you will get random no cost riot points amount on each redeem.

With that said, I still suggest to not use this Riot Point Code generator application too many times on the same account. My suggestion is, redeem 1 code per day to the same account, or max 2 codes for the same account for that day. Just in case the points you get is not enough, unlikely unless you plan to buy all those game stuffs at once.

The suggestion above is not mandatory, but it will keep your account safe and at the same time keeps this Riot Points hack application undetected.

Steam Wallet Hack

Steam Wallet Hack – Steam Wallet Money Adder Tool

steam wallet hackHello fellow gamers,steam wallet hack

Let me introduce you to Steam Money Hack tool. This application will let you to get funds at no cost on your wallet you can use to buy those new games or other gaming stuffs available on the store. Before I explain what this hack program is, how it works, and how to use the tool safely, let’s just watch this video to see how my Steam money generator does its magic.


download steam wallet hackRegular Download Link
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So what this program actually is?
Basically, this is a tool to inject funds to your Steam account and you can use the funds to buy any games available on their store. This is why we also call this tool as Steam Money Adder as well since this is basically the core function of this steam hack application, to add money to your account.

How does this hack application works?
I’m not really sure how to explain the overall processes in layman terms. Basically this Steam money generator tool works by exploiting security loopholes on their store data server that let our coder put a secret script that will emulate the real users when they buy ‘points’ on the store. Of course the exact processes are not that simple, but we can’t share the real method itself to pubic since it basically tells the provider the whole bug and let them patch the loopholes which will leave us with non-working program.

How to use this tool safely?
First, make sure you download the software from this website only to ensure you are getting the working and secure application. As you can see from the virus total link above, this application is clean from any virus, trojans, spyware, or any dangerous files.

Second, don’t use the tool more than once on the same account on one day. If you still need more funds on your account, wait until at least 24 hours before inject more funds to that account. But you can safely use this tool on other accounts you may have. This measure is just a prevention step to avoid the provider detects suspicious activities on your account.

Third, it is optional but really recommended. Use the funds directly after you inject the funds to your account. Try to use the money generated by this program in under an hour to ensure their system can’t detect it easily. So before using this Steam hack tool make sure you know what items you want to buy so you can buy them right away after you got the funds.

Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points Generator – Get Microsoft Points At No Cost

microsoft points generatorI’m sure you visit this website since you are looking for any ways that allow you to get Microsoft points without spending money so you can buy those games and all the additional stuffs like game packs and other virtual things related to your favorite games. And you come to the right page. In a few moments you will be able to download our working Microsoft points generator that will let you generate any amounts of points you need, anytime you want.

Before I bore you too much with my words, let’s just watch the video below. On this video you will see how our Microsoft points generator application generates Microsoft points code and how to redeem the generated code to your account.

download microsoft points generatorDownload Link
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Several features of this Microsoft Points Code Generator

  • Absolutely No Cost. Yes, not only you can get Microsoft points codes at no cost, you can get this Microsoft points generator tool without a charge.
  • Unlimited Usages. You can use this Microsoft points code generator application as many times as you want. You can literally generate unlimited Microsoft point codes. However, it is suggested that you only redeem 1 or 2 codes each day on the same account to make sure Microsoft will not see any suspicious activities on your account.
  • Regular Updates. Microsoft, with millions of users they have around the globe actually knows that they have security problems that can be exploited by tools like this Microsoft Points Generator so they keep releasing new patches to solve it. This is why we also neds to keep updating our Microsoft points code generator application to bypass their security updates.
  • No Virus Guarantee. As you can see from the Virus Total link above, this Microsoft point generator tool is clean from any virus, trojans, keyloggers, or any dangerous files.
  • No Login Required. Many fake tools out there ask you to put your login details with no other intention but stealing your account. This Microsoft points generator only generate codes you can redeem on your account so you don’t need to worry about losing your account.
  • And many more.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get Microsoft points at no cost, then go grab your copy of this Microsoft points generator from the download link above. Enjoy the games and spend no more money since you will have literally unlimited Microsoft points.

iTunes Code Generator

iTunes Code Generator – iTunes Gift Card Code for Everyone

itunes code generatorFirst, maybe you want to know what iTunes Code Generator exactly is. Basically, this is an application that will let you generate no cost iTunes codes or some may call it iTunes gift card codes that can be redeemed on your iTunes account and use the funds to buy and download items available on iTunes store.

But before we go further talking about this iTunes Code Generator tool, let’s just watch the video blow to show you a working proof as well as the steps to generate iTunes Code at no cost and how to redeem the generated code on your iTunes store account.


download itunes code generatorRegular Download Link
Virus Check Proof

Commonly, we get this iTunes code by buying it directly on iTunes store which of course cost some money. I know exactly that many of us don’t want to spend money on virtual or digital things available on iTunes store. And some people simply don’t have the payment options available. For example, teens may don’t have the credit card for payment.

This is where this iTunes Code Generator tool comes in handy. Using this iTunes gift card generator you will be able to generate your own gift card that can be used to buy the items you want from iTunes store.

Our iTunes card generator will let you generate valid iTunes codes that can be redeemed to any account you want. It can be your own account, your friends account, or just any account. You can give the code as a gift to your friend or someone you know and let him/her redeem it on their own account.

This iTunes code generator is guaranteed to work since we keep updating this application to make sure it works on bypassing the security updates released by iTunes. This iTunes gift code generator is also virus clean guaranteed as you can see from the No Virus Guarantee Proof link above.

Using our iTunes code generator tool is also safe for your account. As you can see from the video above, this iTunes gift card generator doesn’t ask you to provide any login details so you will not need to worry about losing your iTunes account.

To ensure our iTunes code generator tool keeps undetected we have implemented various steps on the gift code generating processes. Those complex processes are not visible to end users since we try to make this iTunes card generator application as user friendly as possible.

On the latest update, we incorporate random code algorithm so on this iTunes code generator latest version you will get different unique code with random amounts of funds on it on each run. It will make sure your account is safe since iTunes algorithm can’t detect any suspicious activities as you provide different amounts of code on each redeem.

With this iTunes card generator on your hand you literally have an access to unlimited iTunes gift card you can use on your account or pass it to anyone so they can redeem it on their own account. Send the iTunes gift codes to your friend as a gift, and be the coolest guy among your friends.

Please understand that this iTunes code generator is a real thread for iTunes as it will really decrease their profits. While we will do our best to keep updating this iTunes gift card generator to ensure it always works, there is no guarantee that we can keep it like this all the time.

There is also a chance that iTunes will thread us back and force us to remove this file from our server. So grab your iTunes code generator copy now while it still available.

Amazon Gift Card Generator

removedWith this Amazon gift card generator tool you will be able to generate gift card codes yourself and redeem them on your account and use the funds to buy any items you want that are available on their online store.

The amazon code generator is not “account based” as there is no requirement for you to login before you generate the codes. It means, the generated gift card codes can be redeemed to any account, be it yours, your friends, or anyone’s account. The codes can be passed/sent to anyone you want and he/she can redeem it on his/her own account. Let’s say you can send it as a gift to anyone you want.

Before we talk more about this tool, watch the video below to see how this Amazon Gift generator works and how to redeem the code on your account.

download amazon code generatorRegular Download Link
No Virus Proof

How Amazon Gift Generator tool works?
Without making it too technical, our generator tool works by exploiting the bugs found on their data server. With literally thousands of transactions done everyday on their store, it opens various loopholes on their data which are really hard to patch. This is what is exploited by the tool. Of course the exact processes is not as simple as you can see on the video above. I made this application as simple as possible just to make it more user friendly so anyone can use it easily, without revealing any clue for the company to be able to find and patch the loophole.

Is the generator safe to use?
First, as you can see from the Virus Total link above there is no virus or any dangerous files found on the tool so you can be sure that using the program is safe.
Second, as you can see, you don’t need to provide your login account to use the tool. This way you don’t need to worry about losing your account when using the tool. There are many fake tools out there which don’t work and created just to steal your account by asking your login details.
Third, the program will generate random unique code with random amounts of fund in it on each run. It means, even if you redeem the codes on the same account many time you will most likely get different amounts of funds which will make it hard for their admin to detect any suspicious activity on your account.
*With that said, it is still suggested that you don’t redeem the gift code on the same account more than once per day to make it even harder for the company to detect. It’s not mandatory, just a suggestion for safety precaution.

Does This Generator Works on All Countries?
Yes, this tool works for any country, no matter where you live. There are only few currency options available on the tool, but you can use USD as default currency and when the card code has been redeemed, you will get your funds in USD, that you can convert into your supported currency. The codes generated by this tool have been tested on,,, and other amazon supported countries. So, don’t worry, no matter where you live you will be able to use the code.

I don’t see the version number. Is It Updated Regularly?
Of course this gift code generator is and will be updated regularly. We don’t put any ‘version number’ after the software name simply because we will have a hard time remembering the version number to use. We update this application almost every week, and giving the version after the name will only create unnecessary tasks for us, and it won’t give you any benefits as well.