Amazon Gift Card Generator

removedWith this Amazon gift card generator tool you will be able to generate gift card codes yourself and redeem them on your account and use the funds to buy any items you want that are available on their online store.

The amazon code generator is not “account based” as there is no requirement for you to login before you generate the codes. It means, the generated gift card codes can be redeemed to any account, be it yours, your friends, or anyone’s account. The codes can be passed/sent to anyone you want and he/she can redeem it on his/her own account. Let’s say you can send it as a gift to anyone you want.

Before we talk more about this tool, watch the video below to see how this Amazon Gift generator works and how to redeem the code on your account.

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How Amazon Gift Generator tool works?
Without making it too technical, our generator tool works by exploiting the bugs found on their data server. With literally thousands of transactions done everyday on their store, it opens various loopholes on their data which are really hard to patch. This is what is exploited by the tool. Of course the exact processes is not as simple as you can see on the video above. I made this application as simple as possible just to make it more user friendly so anyone can use it easily, without revealing any clue for the company to be able to find and patch the loophole.

Is the generator safe to use?
First, as you can see from the Virus Total link above there is no virus or any dangerous files found on the tool so you can be sure that using the program is safe.
Second, as you can see, you don’t need to provide your login account to use the tool. This way you don’t need to worry about losing your account when using the tool. There are many fake tools out there which don’t work and created just to steal your account by asking your login details.
Third, the program will generate random unique code with random amounts of fund in it on each run. It means, even if you redeem the codes on the same account many time you will most likely get different amounts of funds which will make it hard for their admin to detect any suspicious activity on your account.
*With that said, it is still suggested that you don’t redeem the gift code on the same account more than once per day to make it even harder for the company to detect. It’s not mandatory, just a suggestion for safety precaution.

Does This Generator Works on All Countries?
Yes, this tool works for any country, no matter where you live. There are only few currency options available on the tool, but you can use USD as default currency and when the card code has been redeemed, you will get your funds in USD, that you can convert into your supported currency. The codes generated by this tool have been tested on,,, and other amazon supported countries. So, don’t worry, no matter where you live you will be able to use the code.

I don’t see the version number. Is It Updated Regularly?
Of course this gift code generator is and will be updated regularly. We don’t put any ‘version number’ after the software name simply because we will have a hard time remembering the version number to use. We update this application almost every week, and giving the version after the name will only create unnecessary tasks for us, and it won’t give you any benefits as well.

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  • Jerry commented on January 6, 2015 Reply

    Tried your program with a doubt in mind, but man.. I was so wrong… The code is valid when redeemed, you are crazy for sharing this to public, but thanks a lot.

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