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Steam Wallet Hack – Steam Wallet Money Adder Tool

steam wallet hackHello fellow gamers,steam wallet hack

Let me introduce you to Steam Money Hack tool. This application will let you to get funds at no cost on your wallet you can use to buy those new games or other gaming stuffs available on the store. Before I explain what this hack program is, how it works, and how to use the tool safely, let’s just watch this video to see how my Steam money generator does its magic.


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So what this program actually is?
Basically, this is a tool to inject funds to your Steam account and you can use the funds to buy any games available on their store. This is why we also call this tool as Steam Money Adder as well since this is basically the core function of this steam hack application, to add money to your account.

How does this hack application works?
I’m not really sure how to explain the overall processes in layman terms. Basically this Steam money generator tool works by exploiting security loopholes on their store data server that let our coder put a secret script that will emulate the real users when they buy ‘points’ on the store. Of course the exact processes are not that simple, but we can’t share the real method itself to pubic since it basically tells the provider the whole bug and let them patch the loopholes which will leave us with non-working program.

How to use this tool safely?
First, make sure you download the software from this website only to ensure you are getting the working and secure application. As you can see from the virus total link above, this application is clean from any virus, trojans, spyware, or any dangerous files.

Second, don’t use the tool more than once on the same account on one day. If you still need more funds on your account, wait until at least 24 hours before inject more funds to that account. But you can safely use this tool on other accounts you may have. This measure is just a prevention step to avoid the provider detects suspicious activities on your account.

Third, it is optional but really recommended. Use the funds directly after you inject the funds to your account. Try to use the money generated by this program in under an hour to ensure their system can’t detect it easily. So before using this Steam hack tool make sure you know what items you want to buy so you can buy them right away after you got the funds.

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  • Greg commented on January 21, 2015 Reply

    My brother told me about this website, glad I follow his advice, lol. No I can play those games without paying any money. You’re awesome!

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